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County Contests & Activities

In 4-H, members delve deep into areas of interests and develop leadership skills by managing the general club. 

Members also participate in various events outside the club that are designed to grow confidence and develop skills such as teamwork, personal presentation, public speaking, tech skills, and more.

County-Level Events


County-level events are activities outside the club, such as FLL compeititions or exhibitions, 4-H technology workshops, or community events. Every member should attend at least one county-level event.



All members give one illustrated talk in March or April each year. The talk can be on almost any subject of interest to the member and can be unrelated to the member's 4-H projects. Referred to as the "public presentation", the talk is actually presented to two adult mentors in a semi-private setting. 4-H alumni often cite the 4-H public presentation as their most impactful learning experience in 4-H.

County Fair


The county fair is the traditional year-end activity for 4-H members. Our county fair is the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, held at the end of August. Members can show what they've learned in a variety of organized events ranging from traditional 4-H "judging" to GPS mapping treasure hunts to Sumo Robot competitions. Youth earn fair ribbons and premiums.

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