For their  2019 FLL research project, the Super Trash Bros team picked recycling plastic waste as one way to improve urban living.

Plastic waste is filling up our landfills, clogging our oceans, and cluttering the streets of our cities. What if we could take unwanted pl...

For their 2019 FLL research project, the Bot Burritos decided the high cost of urban living is largely due to housing costs. 

It's expensive to live in a city because there isn't much ground to build on, so people have to pay a lot for living space. Making houses smalle...

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WSU 4-H Youth Development is committed to providing safe and inclusive environments for all youth and adults regardless of race; sex; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; citizenship; physical, mental, or sensory ability; genetic information; and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military.

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