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FLL Project: Modular Housing & Furniture

For their 2019 FLL research project, the Bot Burritos decided the high cost of urban living is largely due to housing costs.

It's expensive to live in a city because there isn't much ground to build on, so people have to pay a lot for living space. Making houses smaller, more adjustable, and using the space inside them efficiently could make it less expensive for the people who live in cities.

The Bot Burritos investigated several ideas for modular housing. Modular units can be built off site, which makes construction cheaper, and moved into buildings where they're needed. In the future, modular units could be stored in ways that people could expand, such as adding a new modular unit room when a family gets bigger or can afford more space. Multipurpose furniture is available now but could be more common. Heavy furniture units can be moved and adjusted by robotics so that people can make better use of adjustable furniture.

See the Bot Burritos research

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